1. Randi represented me a few years ago in a modification for child support. She was direct and to the point when I first contacted her. She was up-front about how the case needed to be handled. I was glad that she spelled things out to me since this was all new to me. I found her to be friendly. I felt that Randi handled my matter professionally. She really seemed to care about me and my son.
    Carmen Bryant-Volpe
  2. I have several family members that live just north of Los Angeles. One of them was having issues related to child support payments from her Ex. I was referred to Randi through a local attorney in my hometown. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and I retained her for that legal issue. She handled the matter both professionally and affordably.
    Tom O’Leary
  3. I had a very distressing custody battle raging with several trumped up allegations made against me. After interviewing four different attorneys I choose Randi Susan Klein. Randi was a God send for me. I went to court three different times with Randi as my Lawyer, and all three times I came out the winner. Randi is not only affordable, but she is also a very experienced, honest, caring, highly intelligent and zealous attorney. Everything that I needed done in my case, she was able to resolve, and I am very grateful for her help. I highly recommend Randi to anyone in need of an attorney.
    Desiree Rivas
  4. Randi Klein recently handled a case for my family. She is a peerless professional, a tenacious advocate, extremely effective, efficient, and exceptionally well prepared. She has my strongest possible recommendation.
    Dr. Kirk.Ecklund, M.D.
  5. Family law and dependency matters are one thankless yet one important duty for a law firm. Not only because of the intricacies and complexities of state and multi-jurisdictional entities, but also because this is about the only side of law practice that involves the most important people in the world, our children. In no other side of jurisprudence, do lawyers and judges have to have the wisdom of Solomon, the knowledge of Hammurabi, and the reasoning of Spinoza. Randi Susan Klein can fill all three in fighting for the needs of families and the children involved. Knowing Randi Susan Klein, having several close friends across the continent who have dealt with her, and having seen her solve difficult cases involving dependent children in different family situations, including domestic partners, non-standard family units, and cases involving domestic abuse, all with steadfast professional aplomb, has engendered incredible professional respect for her. She is a go-to person in contentious cases.
    Louis Botta
  6. I met with Randi back in August, fairly anxious about some pending changes to my ex-husband and my custody/visitation schedule. The meeting was a paid consultation, and, thankfully, that was all I needed. She asked questions, I provided information, she presented legal facts, etc., and in the end, we both determined that, legally, I did not need to proceed in retaining her. She was extremely helpful to me. Almost therapeutic! Divorce and child custody issues can be emotionally and financially draining. She could have "encouraged" me to retain her, but she didn't and I appreciate that integrity. If anything ever changes with my situation, she'd be the first attorney I'd contact. I would definitely recommend that she be on anyone's list when researching attorneys.
    Elizabeth Gutierrez
  7. I consulted with Randi Klein regarding my current child custody agreement and to get help resolving some real estate matters. The amount she charged for my consultation was very reasonable. Our meeting was extremely beneficial as she gave me sound advice and the help I needed. I feel very confident with the information she provided. I would definitely consult with her again for any family law related concerns.
    Julia J.
  8. Ms. Klein is the type of lawyer you want on your side. Randi was minors counsel for my daughter. Amazing results. My little one is safe now. Thanks to Randi, my daughter has a chance for a secure, healthy future. Ms. Klein is a true force when it comes to the law, yet extremely compassionate. She treated my daughter like family. Thank you again, Randi.
    Gabriel Alonzo
  9. I consulted with Randi on a custody dispute matter. I found her to be a consummate professional, who knew the law and who exhibited a high degree of integrity and professionalism. It was clear to me that Ms. Klein has a passion for her practice and sincerely cares about her clients. Her attention to detail and tenacity was also evident to me. I was very impressed with her and consider her to be a solid attorney.
    Erica Mullins, PhD
  10. Ms. Klein demonstrated a high-level of knowledge of both family law and the particular elements of my family law case. I engaged Ms. Klein to resolve issues with my former spouse pertaining to joint legal custody of our children, and failure by my former spouse to adhere to various provisions of the custody order. Ms. Klein was able to efficiently process large amounts of information (several previous Family Court appearances, as well as Dependency proceedings, focused on my former spouse), and distilled the large volume of data into a cogent, well-articulated set of arguments designed to serve the interests of my children. Ms. Klein developed a persuasive, fact-based legal strategy to resolve substantive disagreements under joint legal custody in our favor while establishing my former spouse's non-compliance with express provisions of the judicial orders. Ms. Klein is diligent in her efforts and is reasonable in terms of her fees. I can say, from experience, that other attorneys will charge a lot more to do a lot less. While resolving family law disputes is never cheap, Ms. Klein offers solid value in terms of cost for work performed.
    Robert S.